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Lush BBQ

Lush BBQ


BBQ is the ultimate dining experience. We'll spoil you with a lush layout of meat and veggies in our signature marinades, get the coal going and all you have to do is flip and relish it

You can even choose a vegetarian option.

Hiking Experience

Someone smart once said, 'I have two doctors, my left leg and my right.' 

We believed her and discovered some short trails around the Cabin.

Book a Jungle or a River (Cave) Walk with us.   

Cave Walk
Delicius food

Curated Dining Experiences

Its an ideal setting to celebrate a special occasion with your partner or family. Book a Candle-lit dinner, enjoy a glass of our signature Sangria and pamper yourself silly!

Night Under the Stars

Ever wanted to spend a night under the stars and go camping? 

We'll teach you how to set up a tent (in our garden), make it cozy for you and you can spend the night dreaming!

Curated experiences

These are subject to availability.

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